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The Back to School List for 2020—One Moore Thing

I used to be a really good parent.

At least I would still like to think I’m still in the pretty good/somewhat okay category but in 2020, can anyone really say that they are rocking it? I wouldn’t really even believe them if they did. 

Take for instance what I used to do for back to school shopping. We would save a date usually sometime in early August when all (well, most) of the colors of the rainbow of the three-pronged folders were still available at Target and we would wake up early with excitement in the air.

Each one of my four kids would get their own printed list from their school and they would each get their own individual red basket and they would tear through that beautiful back to school section with wild abandon. And I would say YES. You want 82 glue sticks? Go for it. Need a new lunch box because we never cleaned out the banana left in the other one from June? Have at it. You want tissues? YOU GET TISSUES. THE BIG BOX. I would hold my Starbucks latte like a queen and nod yes.

This was my Superbowl.

I mean when nothing costs over $4.99 in that section, it makes it a bit easier to wear a tiara and allow it. But the real heart of it is that back to school shopping really carried so much hope and promise that KIDS WERE ACTUALLY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. And that deserved all of the yes and the celebration and knowing that saying yes to them was really saying yes to the bigger picture of helping the teachers who all deserve all of the help that we can possibly give them. 

Our eLearning/virtual learning/living on a prayer begins next Tuesday. Ummmm, how are we preparing for this #askingforafriend? It’s a few days away so obviously I’m just now realizing that I need a clone and a color-coded calendar to keep everything straight. I did try to purchase a desk for my oldest who is going to be in TENTH. (What in the world? She was wearing pink glasses and a laminated bus tag for the first day of kindergarten approximately seven minutes ago!) Then I found last week, one day after it was supposed to be delivered that it would be delivered now on October 26th. Thanks, that is helpful. 

I also work a full-time 24/7 job as a realtor and I am the busiest that I have ever been. One of my sons had his first soccer practice and I told him to dig deep in the closet and find some shin guards and cleats. We also moved during this pandemic and we can find approximately nothing that we need. He came back with a full limp because his found cleats are about three sizes too small. Jesus, take the wheel. 

And I know that some people already have kids that are back in school whether in person or virtual or homeschool and there are approximately zero easy decisions to be made this September. So maybe we just strip down, simplify and rethink our back to school lists. Move over glue sticks, this is what we really need:

  1. Patience
  2. Grace
  3. WIFI

Oh, and a healthy side of caffeine. And apparently new cleats. Kids, TAKE A BREAK ON GROWING IN 2020 PLEASE. 

But I might just channel that inner queen and say yes to some new loungewear for my kids. It looks like we are going to need them for a little while. 

Happy back to school everyone…we’ve got this. 

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