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The bands student musicians join — Part 1: Rock Band

RockBandWebBy Allison Eatough

The more music a student is exposed to the better.

At least, that’s what Amy Cohn believes. As coordinator of music for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Cohn says music serves a valuable role in students’ lives.

“It’s inspiring and empowers a person to get in touch with their emotions,” Cohn says. “Music possesses its own language and grammar system and can communicate meaning without the benefit of words.”

Most public and private schools begin offering some form of music instruction by kindergarten. From there, the opportunities grow. In local public schools students can start band instrument instruction as early as third grade and venture into learning how to play strings instruments in middle school. High school brings even more options for joining various bands and orchestras, and music schools abound in our area to teach kids to toot their own horns.

The options for blossoming musicians these days are plentiful. This is the beginning of a series of different beats that local students have taken to be part of a band. First off, a student in a rock band.


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