Kids are the name of the game during the holidays, and we have great gift ideas for your littles this year! 

We also rounded up awesome gift ideas for everyone in your faimly as well—dads, moms, teens, and pets!
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The Best Gift For Kids This Holiday Season


A sleeping bag and stuffed animal rolled all into one! Perfect for nap time at preschool or a weekend with the grandparents. Includes: a sleeping bag (25″ Wide x 62″ Long), a comfortable pillow for kids, a stuffed animal to cuddle with, nightlight, toiletry bag and an overnight bag that can fit up to 3 days’ of clothing. $59.

Mermaid Softest Minky Comfy Cozy Blankie

This minky soft mermaid tail blanket also comes complete with a pint-sized version for your little one’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. $24.99.

Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

This polka-dotted ottoman/beanbag comes without the beans so your kiddos can store all their stuffed animals inside! Come to think of it, this might be more for mom and dad than the kids—but you could hide some gifts in it on Christmas morning. Available in a variety of colors. $29.99.

Crayola Emoji Stamp Maker, Marker Maker

My girls have one of these marker making kits and love it. I’m not sure if they feel like scientists or what, but they love to mix the inks to make new colors. Also stamps and emojis are big in our household. I like that even after you make them, you can still have fun coloring. We got a slime making kit last year and after we finished making it, it was like, “what on earth do we do now with all this slime!” At least markers are useful after you make them. Jess. K.

Twisty Petz

These cute little bedazzled animals can be transformed into a bracelet or connected with other pets to make a necklace. $15.


These adorable pom-pom plush toys are wearable (the tail acts as a bracelet), and react to touch with cute noises and light-up eyes that tell your kiddo what the pet needs. Pretty sure kids from toddler age to the pre-teen set will love them. $15.

Mermaid Baking Kit

Unicorns and Mermaids!

These baking sets come with everything your sparkliest baker needs to make unicorn or mermaid cupcakes, cookies and cakes, and accessories to decorate them accordingly! $25–$30.