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The best trait of grand parenting — Becoming Grandma


I don’t have a lot of experience with grandparents. I had one grandparent growing up and she died before I had any children. Despite never driving, my grandmother managed to get around and she was quite a character.

My husband’s parents lived in Michigan and weren’t exactly what you would call hands-on grandparents to my children. My dad died when my kids were little, so my mom was the only active grandparent to them, and she wasn’t very mobile.

So my grand-parenting role models are my peers. I’m watching them and picking out what I think are the best traits for a grandparent. Since I haven’t been at this for very long, my to-do list is pretty short.

One thing I have observed from my best friend and grandmother extraordinaire to four little ones is how important it is to keep bringing the family together. That’s pretty easy to do when food is involved. It’s even easier in the summer when the deck is inviting and crab cakes are on the grill. So this past weekend we had everyone over.

It was loud and crowded and fun. We had two little babies, one 10 weeks old and the other 7 months. The youngest got passed around quite a bit as she was the fussiest, but dinner was just what you imagine a family dinner would be. Everyone helped, everyone talked and I think everyone went home feeling glad that they are a part of this family that sticks together.

janetwedding SDonna Jefferson is the founder and CEO of Chesapeake Family Life media which she started in 1990. She’s the mother of two grown children and grandma to one.

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