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The importance of a girls weekend — FranklyStein

Girls weekend afterI always feel a little guilty about taking a weekend away from my family. I don’t like leaving the sporting events and kid schlepping all to my husband (although these days, the majority of them drive). I also feel bad missing their events and a little like I’m shirking my mom duties. But there’s something pretty special about a girls weekend.

Last winter, a group of friends and I decided to do the Rock Hall Triathlon, and we rented a big house on the Eastern Shore for the event which was this past weekend. Some of us signed up for the whole triathlon, some for just parts of it and at least one friend came only for the post race fun.

It’s never a picnic trying to get away — especially at this time of year. There are graduations, exams, end of year parties and always work to be done. Up until the day before I left, I had no idea how I was getting there; I was clueless on the race details, and I knew nothing about where we were staying. I was in pretty good shape for the race (at least the two parts I’d signed up for) and had borrowed a wetsuit for the swim, but I hadn’t given thought to much else.

Girls Weekend raceUp until the minute I left, I was crazy trying to get the laundry done for the family, food squared away and finishing up my work. Sometimes being too busy to think about a weekend away makes it even better. A friend picked me up so I never had to think about where we were going. When we arrived, there was nothing to do but relax — along with swimming a mile and biking 25.

It turned out to be an amazing weekend of pushing limits, watching friends succeed, supporting each other and just being ourselves. The race was hard — especially for those who did the whole triathlon, but we all had our successes. After the event, we sat back and talked, played games, ate and drank. We learned new things about each other and a little bit about ourselves.

I love being a mom and spending time with my kids — even more now that they are older. And getting away with my husband is always a treat. But I also love going away with friends. It definitely helps me be a better wife and mother.

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