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The keys to a smooth move with kids

Moving with KidsBy Allison Eatough

After 10 moves in just 11 years, I should be an expert in moving.

I know the importance of packing early and smart. I have memorized the list of places to call or email with my new address. I eat (almost) everything in my freezer the week before I leave. And, I can fill a pillow case with last minute items like toothbrushes and coffee mugs in lightning speed.

Yet while all of these skills are helpful, they still didn’t prepare me for my latest challenge: Moving with children.

How can I possibly clean up all the toys and hide the piles of laundry within 30 minutes of a showing, pack old toys that have suddenly become the I-can’t-live-without-you favorites of my son and daughter and assure them that just because we are selling our home doesn’t mean we are homeless, all while keeping some stability in their lives?

Moving with children can be hard on everyone involved.

“Moving creates pain for the individual and the family, regardless of the circumstances,” says Lori Collins Burgan, a former Maryland resident, mother of three and author of “Moving with Kids, 25 Ways to Ease Your Family’s Transition to a New Home.”

Even when a move is predominantly positive, it always produces stress and discomfort, she says.
But there are ways to ease the transition, experts say.


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