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The Land of Fire and Ice at Port Discovery

Port Discovery’s new dinosaur exhibit will let your kids go face-to-face with the prehistoric world and meet dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

This summer, take a break from the heat and let your kids get their dinosaur fix at Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore at the new “Dinosaurs: The Land of Fire and Ice” exhibit. The hands-on exhibit, produced by the Minnesota Children’s Museum, features dinos from the Cretaceous Period (145–65 million years ago), the time when dinosaurs last lived on Earth.
In the Land of Fire, you’ll be able to get up close to realistic sculptures of the T-Rex and Triceratops, designed with colors and textures consistent with the most current scientific research. Kids can crawl through a volcano and through a squishy bog that resembles a forest floor.

In the Land of Ice, explore the Cretaceous landscape of present day Alaska to learn about dinosaurs that roamed in icy climes, including the Edmontosaurus and Troodon. Kids can also learn about the dinosaur food chain and climb in and around a frozen dinosaur habitat.

At the Field Research Station, kids can play with archaeology tools, dig for dinosaur fossils, and learn about the ecosystem of the earth over the past 30 million years. There’s also an oversize dinosaur puzzle, play tables, fossil rubbing and tracing stations and drawing activities.


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“Dinosaurs: The Land of Fire and Ice” will be open at Port Discovery May 26 through September 9. portdiscovery.org

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