The Momtastics


Whether you are a slick career Mom in the city or a soccer Mom in the suburbs, you are a member of a club with its own set of expectations, its own rules and its own taboos. Motherhood is a powerful unifier of women; its joys and challenges are shared experiences. But with seven children between us, the only thing we know for sure is that we’ve got a lot to learn.

As the parenting team known as The Momtastics, our goal is to help mothers (and fathers) by providing you with the tips, tools and techniques you need to be more effective as parents and more fulfilled as people. We are The Momtastics and we want to share our secrets to make parenting more easier and life more fun! Everyday as a parent is filled with new challenges- we have real solutions!

  • We’re very different, but we’re best friends.
  • We’re mothers, but we’re only human.
  • We’ve learned a lot from each other and now we’re going to share a thing or two with you.

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