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The Summit School: Education Profile

Serving bright students with dyslexia
and other learning differences.

General Info:

Address: 664 E Central Avenue, Edgewater
Phone: 410-798-0005
Website: https://thesummitschool.org/

Q&A with The Summit School:

What makes The Summit School unique?

The Summit School educates children with unique learning profiles to their full potential. The Summit School envisions a future in which students with learning differences mature into self-sufficient, self-advocating, and successful adults.

What is The Summit School’s age/grade range?

The Summit School offers educational programs for grades 1-8.

What is The Summit School’s enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

The Summit School has rolling admissions. Please contact us for more information!

Does The Summit School offer financial assistance?

Yes, we offer financial assistance.

What are the standard school day hours?

Our school day starts at 8:20am and ends at 3:20pm. (12:30pm Wed dismissal)

Does The Summit School offer before/after school care? Does The Summit School offer afterschool activities?

Yes. We offer After-care and extracurricular activities (interscholastic sports).

Is there a uniform or dress code?

Yes. We follow a dress code of khaki bottoms and a navy blue top.

How many children attend The Summit School? How many students are in the average classroom?

Our current enrollment is approximately 105.

Does The Summit School offer support for students with special needs?

Yes – it’s what we do!

What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does The Summit School offer (gym, art, language, sports etc.)?

Our specialty classes include PE, music, art, media, Maker Space, interscholastic sports, clubs

What athletics are available?

Our Athletics include Archery, Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Pickleball, tennis

What extra safety measures is The Summit School taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are adhering to CDC recommendations with mask-wearing, hand washing, distancing, cohorting, deep cleaning, and more.

Who should parents contact for more information about The Summit School?

Nancy I. Rhodes, Director of Admissions, [email protected]

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