The Things I Wished We Talked About More

Beach walk
Beach walk

Now that we have been back at “school” for a few minutes, I have come to the realization that there are approximately zero easy answers. I have girlfriends that are all across the board as far as this new normal goes—some hybrid, some kids full-time at school, some all-virtual learning and some homeschooling. And no one has this figured out.

No one feels like they have a real handle on any of it. No one’s mental health is currently running in a stellar place right now. Kids, adults, teachers, coaches…it is challenging all around. But there is still also SO MUCH GOOD happening. And we are up and we are down and we are feeling all of it at once.

So here’s what I think we need to do. We need to talk about all of the things more. Here is a list of what I wish we talked about more:

The Funk

If you are going through this space, please talk about it. Life is slippery, our (gloved) hands are here to hold yours. Virtual. In person. Let’s listen to each other (without judgement).

The Good

Some people are having a really great year and crushing goals and taking names (yes even others beside Jeff Bezos). Let’s toast your joy and your success. There should be no shame to own your fire. I want and need to hear all of the good.

The Weird

It is all still weird right? Which direction do we walk in stores? Am I in the entrance or the exit side lane of the store and is this really making a difference? Do we wear our masks throughout the whole soccer game on the sideline or just when we walk to the field?

The Perplexing

My sister in Dallas is back to in person work and her three girls are back in person in school but their sports are not back on. Our office here is mostly closed and my kids are all virtual school and all of our sports and activities are back on. Her girls miss the activities. Mine miss the school. Her and I both don’t envy each other but both miss each other, whole heart and soul.

The Hard

The breakdowns often happen in this space. The funk meets anger and exhaustion and feeling there’s just not enough of you to go around and you want a break but also you love your kids so much you could melt but you also just need a minute alone and you have to work and you can hear your kids google classrooms in your office and they tell about school and literally all of the things every seven minutes and the world is burning and your heart breaks for all of humanity and you wonder if there is an end to this timeline and if life will ever really be “normal” ever again. Things like that.

The Escape

This is necessary sometimes. I feel like staying in your car alone in your driveway to take a few deep breaths is the new equivalent to when your toddlers are begging for you outside of your bathroom door and you just need a few more minutes. Take the minutes darling. You need and deserve them. Self care should be on all of our to do lists.

This is the 2020 effect.

It is all the feels trying to stay afloat. Let’s talk more. Let’s listen more. Let’s stop judging. Let’s keep showing up for each other, virtual or six feet apart. The good, the weird, the madness. Let’s be here for all of it. And that is how we get through it together.

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