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The trick to balancing work and family


When women become mothers, they have plenty of decisions to make: Cloth or disposable diapers? Feed on demand or stick to a schedule? Pacifier or no pacifier?

Yet one of the biggest decisions after baby is whether to work, stay home or blend a combination of the two. While there is no right answer, we talked with three Maryland moms to find out what they chose and why it works for them.

Blending business and babies

As executive producer of WBFF Fox 45’s morning news show, Kate Ansari was used to working overtime.Work family ballance Ansari WKate, Ava, Mclaren and Sajid Ansari enjoy Disney World. Kate works from home so she can balance career and family.

On busy news days, she worked around the clock to get the stories out. During a massive snowstorm in 2010, she even lived in a hotel near the Baltimore station so she could be there for her job.

“It’s a fast-paced business,” the Fulton resident says.

But not a pace she wanted to maintain once she had her first child, Mclaren. While pregnant, Ansari also discovered she had thyroid cancer.

“It’s challenging to raise a family in that industry, regardless of your health,” she says.
So in 2014, after delivering Mclaren and undergoing surgery to remove part of her thyroid, Ansari and her husband, Sajid, agreed she should stay home with their son.

“It was such a high-stress environment,” she says. “I just created a baby, and I just fought cancer. I didn’t have time to deal with all of this stuff.”

While she enjoyed staying home, Ansari says she became restless.

“I always have to be busy, always have to be doing something,” she says of her type A personality.

She decided to explore the more natural lifestyle she adopted during pregnancy and, with the help of her sister, began experimenting with all-natural skin care products in her kitchen. Their first product was a simple white body lotion, made from coconut oil, shea butter and arrowroot powder. They continued experimenting and, within weeks, created bottom paste and powder for babies.

By summer 2014, they had enough products to form their own company, Dear Baby Products.

Now a mother of two (daughter Ava was born in late 2014), Ansari works part time from home making and fulfilling weekly Dear Baby orders. She’s also working toward a master of business administration degree online and expects to graduate in 2017.

By working part time, Ansari says she can still provide for her family while enjoying quality time with her children.

“I just want to show them that they can really do anything,” she says. “You don’t have to have a normal office job. Work and life can really be a nice blended mixture.”

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