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This Month’s Reading List

May Reads, by Jillian Amodio

(Links below go to Amazon but don’t forget to use your local library branch to find them there too! https://www.aacpl.net/)

The days are brighter and warmer and it feels like there is abundant hope on the horizon with all that is going on around us. The world seems to be starting to buzz back to life little by little. If you are anything like me, getting back into the social scene and starting to fill up your calendar is going to take some getting used to. All of the changes and the pace of life beginning to pick up is exciting but at times overwhelming too! One of my favorite ways to recenter and lose myself in another world for a few moments of escape is to get lost in the pages of a good book. The books featured in this month’s must read list offer quite the variety to suit a wide array of tastes and interests!


The Last Thing He Told Me: By Laura Dave
This is one for mystery lovers. It was selected as a Reese Witherspoon Book Club read. Hannah thinks that she has finally found the love she has been seeking with her new husband Owen. Suddenly, Owen disappears! Prior to his disappearance a mysterious note is left asking Hannah to protect his daughter Bailey. Bailey already lost her mother tragically during early childhood, now she is facing the disappearance of her father and wants nothing to do with her new stepmother. Confusion continues as the FBI and US Marshals get involved. It becomes clear that Owen isn’t exactly who he said he was. Hannah and Bailey must work together to uncover the truth and work towards building a future together as an unexpected family.

People We Meet On Vacation: By Emily Henry
Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2021 by Newsweek ∙ Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Parade, PopSugar, and BuzzFeed. This is a book about friendship, forgiveness, and the search for love. Poppy and Alex are two friends who couldn’t possibly be any more different. While they live miles apart they make time each summer for an epic vacation. These trips have always been full of friendship, fun, adventure, and memories… until two years ago when they ruined everything. Poppy decides that two years has been long enough and convinces Alex to take one more vacation together and see if they can repair the damage. Can they move past the one major truth that has been standing in the way of their once perfect friendship? And is a week-long vacation enough time, or even a good idea?

Hour Of The Witch: Chris Bohjalian
I have said it before, but historical fiction is my absolute favorite genre and I have a long standing fascination with the historical accusations of witchcraft. This is the story of young Mary Deerfield. Originally from England, she must find a way to navigate the New World. Mary is the second wife of Thomas Deerfield. Thomas is as cruel and powerful as Mary is beautiful and strong willed. Fed up with the abuse, Mary knows she has no other option other than to divorce him if she wants to survive. Those in the community however don’t see a young woman seeking escape from an abusive marriage, they see signs of the devil.  Mary soon becomes the object of dangerous suspicion. Mary is now not only trying to flee from an abusive marriage, but from deadly accusations as well.

Young Adults

The Gilded Ones: By Namina Forna
A feminist tale in a fantasy setting. In a community where blood tells all, the youth of the village find themselves fearing what the Blood Ceremony will reveal. Deka is sixteen and is already known for her unnatural intuition. On the day of the ceremony she prays for red blood. Her hopes are hollow and her fears come to life as her blood runs gold. Gold is the color of impurity. Deka shudders, knowing the consequences of impurity are far worse than death. Deka faces a choice. Does she resign to her fate or join an army of others like her to fight for their lives? If she joins the alaki–near-immortals, others like her possessing rare gifts, she agrees to fight against the empire’s greatest threat. Deka has yearned for nothing more than acceptance, now she must decide how far she is willing to stray. This is a tale of self-discovery and realizing hidden strengths and uncovering hidden truths.

I Think I Love You: By Auriane Desombre
A queer love story. Two sworn rivals begin to realize there may be attraction stirring between them. Emma and Sophia are competing against one another to win a trip to a film festival. Their competition blossoms into young romance in a comical turn of events.

Prom House: By Chelsea Mueller
This one is for horror lovers. What could be more fun than prom? The afterparty of course… until it turns deadly. Kylie, her boyfriend Liam, and a group of their friends are living the teenage dream when their parents allow them to rent an amazing beach house for the weekend after prom. A storm surges, the power goes out, and suddenly the teens find themselves living a real life horror story. Their friends are disappearing and turning up dead one by one, who is to blame and can they be stopped?

Chapter Books

Paper Heart: By Cat Patrick
Tess is the easygoing kid. The one no one has to worry too much about. At least that’s the way it seems from the outside. Internally however, Tess is struggling. She is grieving the death of a friend and consumed by anxiety and worry. Everyone around her seems to have found a way to move on, yet Tess is cemented in her grief and fear. With the help of her cousin Kennedy and new friend Izzy, Tess begins to see that grief can be overcome and a future is possible.

Dog Squad: By Chris Grabenstein
Dog Squad is a hilarious new series about a group of crime fighting, adventure loving canines ready to jump into action… on tv that is. Fred however is an average dog who also happens to be a big Dog Squad fan. He is loveable for sure, but hardly heroic. Fred gets the opportunity of a lifetime when the show’s lead dog needs a stand in. When danger occurs off screen, can Fred find the courage to turn his fandom into action and save the day?

Iggy Is the Hero of Everything: By Annie Barrows
Iggy finds himself to be quite the hero. He finds his plans to be the work of a genius! As far as he is concerned, he should be given a trophy! Not everyone agrees though. Rudy Heckie certainly doesn’t. Rudy’s perspective is far different. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And how does perspective change our opinions? This book teaches readers the power of perspective and seeing both sides.

Picture Books

Nosotros Means Us: Un cuento bilingüe: By Paloma Valdivia
A heartwarming bilingual book detailing the unbreakable bond between parent and child.

Llama Llama Meets the Babysitter: By Anna Dewdney
Being away from our parents or primary caregiver can be scary and worrisome. But babysitters can also be a ton of fun! This book introduces young children to the joy that babysitters can bring.

Lost in the Clouds: ByTom Tinn-Disbury
A beautiful story to help children process grief and loss. This is the story of Billy. He misses his mom very much. Mom lives in the clouds now. Some days he can feel her love shining down in the sun’s rays, and other days clouds make him feel sad and alone. All of these feelings are ok! And grief is a process that can take some time.


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