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Time to think about after school activities

Now is the time to think about what your kids might be interested in doing to fill their time after school this fall. There are so many enrichment opportunities for them to explore their interests from art classes, to sports, to cooking or drama.

Chesapeake Family is the perfect place to get some ideas as you start your search for after school activities. We have articles on a number of different types of enrichment.

engineeringForKidsWebIf you are interested in introducing your child to engineering, check out our story on after school engineering classes for kids. An Annapolis couple recently bought a franchise of Engineering for Kids and plans to start offering classes this fall.

Do you think your children might benefit from a brush up on manners? If so, maybe a manners class or two offered by Diane Cookson’s business “Manners for Life. Etiquette For Success” would be a good thing this fall.

Maybe cooking is exactly what your child is interested in. Don’t miss our story on how to get your kids to help with the cooking.kidsinkitchen3

If your kids are gung ho about trying a new sport but you are at a loss of how to play, Check out our story on Sports rules for rookie parents. It might just give you the background you need to get more involved in your kids’ sports.
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If you want a list of after school enrichment activities offered in the area. Be sure to check out our Directory of After School Programs and Enrichment. There are plenty of ideas for every sort of activity to add a bit of fun to the day.

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