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Tips for getting your dog ready for a new baby

By Sandra NyanchokaBabyPupW

Arnold resident Kim Greco’s daughter was 7 months old when she realized the family’s Border Collie, Dirk, wasn’t baby friendly.

Dirk came within inches of biting the baby one day after being startled, Greco recalls. A baby gate separated the two while Greco and her husband were watching a football game. When Greco’s husband jumped off the couch and screamed at the TV, the dog rushed forward and squeezed his snout through the gate, almost biting the baby.

“Because of the baby gate, I was assuming there were no potential issues and I was not paying close attention to Dirk,” Greco says.

A dolphin trainer by trade, Greco started training Dirk with the help of a friend who was a dog trainer.

“Without a serious training plan integrated into our lives, I would not have been able to have my daughter, Lindsey, and my dog live peacefully together,” she says. Thanks to the training, Dirk and Lindsey lived happily together for a year and a half before Dirk passed away.

Soon after the experience, Greco decided to go into the business of training dogs and started the business Paws and Possibilities, which teaches dogs to be well mannered.

“I have a passion for helping families integrate their dog into their life seamlessly,” Greco says. Over the past five years, she has helped hundreds of Maryland families have a more peaceful life with their dogs. She also speaks at area schools, teaching children how to be safe around dogs and runs a camp teaching kids to train their own dogs.

Below are tips from Greco on preparing your dog for a new baby as well as tips for bringing a new dog into a house with kids.

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