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Tips for teens traveling to Beach Week

Beach WeekWorried about your high school graduate heading “downy ocean” for Senior Week at the beach? The Ocean City Police Department shares tips to help teens stay safe.

 Tips for Senior Week

  • Always wear your seat belt and make sure all of your passengers are buckled up as well
  • Obey all speed limits.
  • Don’t drink. Maryland is a Zero Tolerance state for those under age 21 who are caught drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t drink or take drugs and drive. Also, don’t ride with anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Patrol officers are dedicated to enforcing against impaired driving. Those who do drive impaired run the risk of hurting themselves and others, facing fines and/or licenses suspensions, and disappointing family and friends. Take the municipal bus or one of the many local taxis.
  • Always use crosswalks. Press the button, not your luck.
  • Do not use cell phones while driving.
  • Never leave a friend behind.
  • No swimming when guards are off duty. “If the guard’s not in the stand, keep your feet in the sand.”

Students should also be sure to check out the “Play It Safe” program, which promotes safe activities from May 31 to June 16 and offers free events for recent graduates. Activities include paintball, beach volleyball tournaments, paddle boarding, kayak races, free roller coaster rides and more. There are two to four events scheduled every day. Recent high school graduates can also get a wristband to ride the bus for just $5 for a week. For details visit www.playitsafeoceancity.com.

Updated May 2017

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