Tips for when vomiting and coughing strike your family this winter

Sick kids
Sick kids

Sick kidsAre you struggling with sick kids this winter? Judging from the answers on our Facebook post last week asking what illnesses were going through our follower’s families, vomiting and coughing seem to be the two most common ailments.

The stomach virus seems to be hitting unusually hard this season.

“Four out of five of us had the vomiting/diarrhea at the same time,” said Barbara Englerth Nealon. “Washing machine is going on overload on the sanitary setting!”

Mary Browning Jardine of Germantown was dealing with full-blown norovirus. “It’s awful,” she commented.

If this has hit your family and you are concerned what to do, read on for some basic tips about how to deal with the stomach virus from