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Tips to Manage Anxiety in Children

This expert panel discusses tips to help manage anxiety in children. Despite recent school shootings that can be very scary for kids and adults alike, we are still sending our kids to school. Some kids may want to stay home and they feel safest in their rooms. Panelists Dr. Shandonna Harris, a therapist specializing in client-centered therapy and Michelle Schall, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) reveal strategies for easing anxiety in kids.

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Signs of Anxiety in Children

Look for any changes beyond your child’s normal reactions. Are they more tired and irritable? How’s their appetite, any weight changes?

How can we help kids who have anxiety?

Your pediatrician and school professionals can help you find resources to overcome and manage anxiety plus see the links below for more expert advice.

Talking with Kids About the News and Traumatic Events

24 Resources for Children and Teens with Anxiety

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