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Top world health concerns for kids and ways your family can help

WorldHealthKidsHealth.org, a website devoted to children’s health and development, has come up with a list of the top 5 critical health issues affecting the world’s children and families, and come up with ways families can help.

Poverty is first on the list created by the physicians and editors at KidsHealth.

“Huge progress has been made in so many critical areas involving children’s health. Yet there is still important work to be done that doesn’t involve expensive new drugs or surgical procedures,” says Dr. Neil Izenberg, founder and editor-in-chief of KidsHealth. “Instead, it’s about the basics that most of us take for granted. We have identified 5 issues that desperately need the world’s attention – and suggested some ways that families can help.”

Of course, other important issues affect children’s health, but in the midst of many, read on for those that are notable:


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