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Treat yourself – Lisa on Point

ThinkstockPhotos 86502314Treat yourself. I was speaking to a colleague the other day who has two small children. She told me that she asked the women in her “mommy group” how often they spend money on themselves. She told me many of them said they didn’t treat themselves at all. A few said they got a pedicure once a month. But most of their money and time is spent on their kids.

I get it. Everyone doesn’t have the means to buy five new outfits a month or get hair and nails done on a regular basis. But find a way to do it more often than not. We have to take time for ourselves for our sanity. There’s no reason for us to look ragged, rundown and tired all of the time. I have been there believe me. For the longest time I would spend every waking moment carting kids here and there and at the same time caring for my ailing mother. It was a lot.

Many of my friends were in the same boat. But we found ways to help each other so that we could find respite. I would take their kids and they would take mine. A lot of times we won’t just tell our spouses we need a break. For some reason many of us feel we need to ask their permission to “watch” the kids so we can do something for ourselves. ( More on the asking topic at a later date.)

I really started to take time for myself after my good friend Toni Mitchell gave me a birthday card on my daughters’ birthday. They were born on the same day this month. Toni gave me a birthday card and small gift because she said after all I did all the work. Since then, I always buy myself a gift on their birthday. (They get one too.)

Taking time for you makes you less crabby. The kids will take notice too. It’s good for them to see that mom needs a break sometimes. It’s something that will stick with them as they mature and have children of their own. Plus, it’s good for your health. You deserve a mental health day. Get everyone out of the house and just watch movies all day and do absolutely nothing if you wish.

So treat yourself. If you don’t have a lot of money in your budget, check out thrift stores. That can be a fun outing. Have a swap date with your friends. Swap clothing, handbags, shoes jewelry and more. It may not be brand new but it’s new to you.

Think of it as giving yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work. The pat on the back no one is giving you. Indulge yourself. You deserve it.

Lisa Robinson is the mother of two amazing young women. She is a freelance writer for several Baltimore area magazines, including Chesapeake Family Life. Lisa works as a news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore. When she’s not dealing with the drama of her two daughters, she’s busy cooking, working out, hosting her friends for get-to-getters, reading, and writing a non-fiction book. Lisa is one of the funniest people you’ll get to know. She relishes in saying the things others are afraid to. You can catch up with Lisa here and on Facebook and Twitter.

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