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Trick or Treat? How to Have a Safe Halloween

Halloween 2020 Looks Different. Here’s how to have a spooky and safe Halloween 2020!

This October has us all thinking back to a time when a night of costumes and candy and ringing your neighbor’s doorbell to shout ‘Trick or Treat’ was considered a fun and safe time-honored tradition. Now, Halloween seems scary and full of fright, and not in a good way.

So, how do we celebrate Halloween while following COVID-19 precautions and have all the fun without any of the fright? Here are some alternative ideas to have a ghoulishly good time on Halloween night! 

Quarantine Your Candy

Some of us have already practiced disinfecting our groceries and other deliveries. So let’s do the same with Halloween candy. Purchase your candy early, place it in a large storage box, and store it away until Halloween night. Talk to your neighbors and see if they are interested in doing the same, then create a map that your kids can follow on Halloween.

Encourage Masked Costumes

All costumes this year will be masked one way or another, so have fun and get creative. Some costumes already come with masks but for those that don’t, grab your art supplies and decorate the outside of a face mask. For that princess costume, you can match the fabric or color scheme to a pretty in pink or glittery cloth mask. Or draw fake blood or jack-o-lantern teeth on a mask for a creepy effect.

Have a Halloween Hunt

Use black and orange plastic eggs or mini plastic cauldrons to hide treats around your house and yard to create a Halloween Hunt. Costumes, of course, are required and it will give the kids a chance to be active and outside while still gathering all that yummy loot! 

76 Trombones Led the Big Parade

What’s more classic than a Halloween parade? March around your neighborhood and show off those great costumes. Go the extra mile with spooky tunes like “Thriller” and “The Monster Mash,” and Halloween signs to encourage the kids.

Go Virtual with UNICEF 

UNICEF USA is hosting a month-long virtual Trick-or-Treat composed of digital, interactive experiences, all aimed at teaching children the importance of giving back and fundraising.  Beginning October 1, children can create an online profile at trickortreatforunicef.org, where they will receive a Virtual Collection Box with a customized link and QR code. Children will earn Trick-or-Treat Coins that add up to real-life earnings, which can be donated to charities of their choosing.

—Claire Dougherty Kovacs

For fun DIY Costume ideas to make your 2020 Halloween even better!


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