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Tweens Need Love, Stability and Confidence…


Tweens need to build self-confidence, and we develop our confidence and esteem by actually accomplishing things.  The tween who gets her homework done as part of her regular routine will gain self-confidence. The tween who only works when relentlessly nagged not only gains no sense of self-control and self-confidence, she upsets the peace of the whole family.

Very few things will build a tween’s confidence more than doing well at school.  School is where the tween lives.  It is where the tween is evaluated multiple times every day. It is a public area in which success or failure is seen by all. To build confidence, help your tween succeed in school, and that starts with being prepared. Give your tween a quiet place to study at home with no TV or music. Help them plan their study time to avoid fatigue. A good schedule for a tween is 15 minutes of hard study followed by 5 minutes doing something totally unrelated to study.  That provides 45 minutes of focused work every hour and, in a pinch, it can be easily stretched to two hours if a special report is due.  What your tween will appreciate is that during that five minute break, he is not goofing off, but actually maturely keeping to a schedule. Success.

Give your tween love, stability and confidence, and within a few short years you will watch them leave childhood behind them as they increasingly take steps toward independence and maturity.   You may find their jumbled idiosyncratic lives actually make them adorable.

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