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Understanding Dyslexia: Information for Parents

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and dyslexia is the most common form of a learning disability.

Chesapeake Family Life and The Summit School have partnered together to bring awareness to Dyslexia. We sat down with Dr. Joan Mele-McCarthy, Executive Director of The Summit School, for a discussion in which she addressed the common misconceptions about dyslexia, the basic myths and truths about dyslexia as well as answered questions and explained signs to look for if you are concerned your child might have a learning disability.



If your child is struggling academically and you suspect there may be a reading problem or you’ve learned your child has dyslexia, it can be reassuring to know you are not alone and help is available. First, dyslexia is a surprisingly common learning difference. It is estimated that dyslexia affects between 8% and 17% of the school-aged population (Shaywitz, 1998). Second, there are not only resources but proven, research-based teaching methodologies that can help your child succeed. Read more…


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