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Valentine Mash Game CFL Download

Have you ever played the game MASH as a kid? Well, now its back with a fun Valentine’s Day theme. Print out one for everyone to have a great time predicting the future.

If you can’t remember how it goes, here is a little rundown. 

  1. Print out this form for each participant.
  2. Fill out the options in each category except for one. Have someone else do the last one.
  3. Somewhere on the paper, start drawing your “magic spiral.” Stop when the other participant tells you to stop.
  4. Count the number of loops you made. That’s your “magic number.”
  5. Now, starting with MASH (mansion/apartment/shack/house), start counting each option, stopping when you get to your “magic number” and cross off that option.
  6. Continue doing this down your list, skipping options that are already crossed off and skipping categories that already have one option left. 
  7. Now you can read your future in each category!

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