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Vote For A Name Theme For New Penguin Chicks at The Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo wants your help in deciding how to name the chicks that the residents of Penquin Coast will hatch this coming breeding season.

The Maryland Zoo has been hatching penguin chicks for over 50 years, celebrating the arrival of Mille, chick number 1000 last spring. Along with an ID number, sort of like a Social Security number, each penguin is named according to a specific annual theme.

The theme will carry through until the last chick hatches next year. Each chick will be named according to the theme once DNA tests reveal whether the chick is male or female.

rsz african penguin chick 2 at the maryland zoo 1Past themes have included space (Astrid, Hubble), types of fish (Trigger, Tetra) and famous scientists (Tesla, Newton). 

The themes were selected by the Penguin Coast animal care team members who are busy behind the scenes caring for the new hatchlings and the entire penguin colony of 90! With that in mind, the themes the team has selected are:

  •  Types of pasta – linguini, gnocchi, spaghetti, penne
  • Literary characters – Sherlock, Ramona, Scout, Moby
  • Shades of colors – fuchsia, royal, vermilion, chartreuse

You can see pictures of the Zoo’s newest feathered additions and to cast your vote on The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s website. Voting is open now thru 9 a.m., Friday, Nov. 30. You can vote once per day, and the winning name theme will be announced on The Maryland Zoo Facebook page.

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