Vote for Annapolis, MD in the Best City for Pet Travelers tournament!

Puppy Bailey
Annapolis, Maryland has made it to the Sweet 16 in the Pet Friendliest City Tournament. The prize package, if Annapolis wins, will be donated to Lab Rescue of the LRCP to raise money for all the rescued pups. Vote for Annapolis now!
Puppy BaileyThe ballot is down to only 16 cities and Annapolis, MD is winning 85% to 15% against its competition Saratoga Springs, New York. Cast your vote now to send the other cities packing and launch Annapolis into the Elite Eight!
We all know Annapolis, Maryland is a super-friendly pet destination with hotel and restaurants welcoming your furry friend into their establishment. So start clicking to cast your vote and share this page with all your friends so they can vote too. The Rescued Labs thank you!!
Time to vote for your Annapolis! Round 5 begins on Monday, April 1st.
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