Walk & Ride for the Woods

Bacon Ridge Natural Area

This summer was all about finding new places outdoors to explore. During the month of October, Scenic Rivers Land Trust is celebrating local outdoor natural areas and scenic spaces with its new community event, Walk & Ride for the Woods!

Scenic Rivers is urging families to get out and enjoy Anne Arundel County’s beautiful natural and scenic spaces by walking, running, or biking during the month of October. The nonprofit is urging people to “Set a goal, tell your friends and family, and raise some funds to protect our community’s land and water!”

The Walk & Ride for the Woods Challenge is flexible and self-directed. So you can choose your favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors and the times when you can get out to enjoy them.

Scenic Rivers suggests some examples of fun goals for your family such as:

  • Hike every trail in Bacon Ridge Natural Area
  • Go for a run in a different county park every week of October
  • Complete each of the Scenic Rivers self-guided hikes of Bacon Ridge with your family.
  • Ride 100 miles in South County

The self-guided hikes in Bacon Ridge include digital trail guides, short videos, and temporary trail signs. Hikes will range from 1 to 4 miles. Online materials are available on srlt.org. Temporary trail signs will be posted October 1.

You can also join the Walk & Ride for the Woods Strava Club to cheer on others, and get some kudos for hitting your goals!

Learn more at srlt.org, where you’ll find challenge goal ideas, information on guided hikes, how to set up your fundraising page and prizes.

For more information about hiking and biking in Bacon Ridge, check out our 100 Days of Summer post about the area.