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Warnings for parents from AA police

cameraAnne Arundel County Police have recently released a couple of warning for parents. Beware of baby monitor hackers and men with hidden cameras in public restrooms.

Here is what police had to say.

 Hacked baby monitor

A baby monitor in Texas allowed a computer hacker to try to terrorize a small child. The hacker was cursing and saying sexually explicit things to a two-year-old sleeping child. He was using profanity and making sexually explicit comments. He also tried to yell out and startle the child as she slept.

What happened here was the baby monitor he hacked was connected to the Internet, which allowed the hacker to break into it. This happens when people use a weak password, or don’t set one at all. It’s just as easy to hack into a baby monitor as it is a computer.

The lesson here is that unless you want to risk having your baby monitor hacked, set a good password and follow the same rules you would with your home wireless computer network, Anne Arundel County Police advised.

And as for hidden cameras, recently, an individual was arrested for utilizing a micro camera hidden in a watch left in a bathroom. Over ten videos were recovered that recorded activities in the bathroom of underage children.

This individual also had in his possession a nightstand alarm clock that also contained a surreptitious camera.

Parents should be aware of these items and use extra caution protecting your children, according to police.

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