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Warthog piglets born at Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

warthog pigletsThere are new baby warthogs at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and you can catch a glimpse of them as early as mid May.

The four common warthog piglets were born on Wednesday, April 4 to Kumari and Kijani, the zoo’s warthog pair.

The piglets were found in the morning by the Zoo’s animal department staff who had been keeping a close eye on the pregnant female waiting for her to deliver. This is the second litter for Kumari, the 7-year-old female warthog. “Kumari is very protective of her litter and is doing a great job caring for her newborns,” stated Meredith Wagoner, mammal collection and conservation manager at the Zoo. “The three females and one male piglet are nursing regularly and appear to be thriving.”

“Females give birth to three piglets per litter on average, so Kumari’s large litter was quite a surprise,” continued Wagoner. “During their first veterinary exam, the piglets weighed approximately 1.5 pounds each. Currently they weigh 2.5 pounds apiece.”

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