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Water taxi fun for families in Annapolis and Baltimore

WaterTaxi2HLWater taxi fun for families in Annapolis and Baltimore

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive family outing, an introduction to the water, or a way to spice up your tours when relatives come to visit, the water taxi — in Annapolis or Baltimore — is a great place to start.

“You get a different perspective from the water,” says Susan Woody, an Annapolis mother of two teenagers, who started riding water taxis when her kids were toddlers. “It’s a lot of fun. The kids love it.”

The Baltimore and Annapolis water taxi services have stops close to restaurants, parks and other family-friendly destinations. Both the Annapolis Water Taxi and the Baltimore Water Taxi are designed to be family-friendly. Trips take about 15 minutes, and you usually won’t have to wait longer than that for a boat. However, if you want to get to a specific destination, check with the crew because you may need to change boats, especially in Baltimore.

For a full story on riding the water taxi and a list of stops in both Annapolis and Baltimore check out our story “Hail a ride on the water taxi this summer.

Photo by Scott Cech

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