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Ways to Help Your Child Develop Coping Skills

Chesapeake Family Life partnered with Anne Arundel Medical Center to discuss stress and anxiety in children and ways to help them develop coping skills.

 AAMC has launched #HealthyMindsNeed campaign and we excited to be a part of it with this discussion. Claire Kovacs sat down with Jennifer Evans, a mental health clinician with AAMC’s Partial Hospitalization Program, to talk about how parents can help their children develop important coping skills when dealing with stress and anxiety. Please click on the link below to watch the Live discussion. The questions being discussed are:

1) As a mental health clinician, what trends are you seeing when it comes to children and stress?
2) What are some signs that a child is stressed or anxious?
3) How can parents talk to their kids about stress?
4) What are some calming strategies that you recommend parents do with their children?
5) How about some calming techniques children can do on their own?
6) What are some other activities you recommend children do when they are feeling stressed and anxious?
7) Parents face stress and anxiety, too. So how can parents learn to cope with their own stress while dealing with their child’s?

Click here to watch!

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