Week 8— Where’s Deena Dino 2022


The hot summer sun is starting to let up, but sometimes it’s great to escape the heat. Last week’s spot was pretty cool (pun totally intended), but this place is just as cool.

Where is Deena Dino?

It has been so darned hot that Deena was looking for a cool place to get out of the heat and have fun. She was so excited to find a place that even moms and dads like to go. Plus they give lessons to kids who don’t know how to skate and there are even days when kids can go for free. It doesn’t matter if you like figure skating or ice hockey or want to be part of a club, there are lots of ways to enjoy this destination. Where’s Deena?


Family 4-pack admission to the Bowie Ice Arena

Enter below by Thursday August 4 at noon

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