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What it takes for kids to dance like the Irish

IrishDance6HLWhat it takes for kids to dance like the Irish

The Stratmanns of Ellicott City converted a barn on their property into a dance studio, so their daughter, Gaby, can practice Irish dancing.

The Peluras of Millersville built a wooden dance floor in their basement so their daughter, Isabella, could refine her steps.

And both families travel far and wide so their children can perform and dance competitively, proving how Irish dancing has taken the area — even the country — by storm.

Irish dancing, the traditional dance of Ireland, originated centuries ago but has recently gained worldwide popularity, thanks in part to its attention-grabbing choreography and international shows like “Riverdance” and Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance.” Throughout Maryland, the fast-paced dance style can be found at dance schools, competitions, parades and festivals.

To read more about kids who compete in Irish dance and local schools that teach is check out our story Irish dancing steps into the mainstream in Maryland

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