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What Mom does when the tots are asleep — Mommy Daze

One day, when my children are grown, I can’t wait to tell them what I used to do while they were sleeping.

What does Mommy do during nap time? Or those precious evening hours when you were in bed and assumed the world had come to a stop? This is what I’ll say…

SleepingWhile you were sleeping, my little balls of never-ending energy, I sat at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, being still. Perhaps right when you fell asleep I ran around like crazy, switching out laundry, putting dishes away and sweeping up the crumbs from lunch. But then I would sit perfectly still, perfectly quiet, enjoying the peace, savoring each gloriously caffeinated drop. Or maybe I would nap too. Maybe I was pregnant and exhausted, or had a cold and was unable to take a sick day from this job called motherhood. Somehow, I would rest.

While you were sleeping, my curious little boys, I setup treasure hunts inside the house, made roads on the floor with masking tape for your cars or put together new train tracks in the playroom. I scoured Pinterest for “Outside Activities for Toddlers” or “Gross Motor Skill Games for Babies,” feverishly getting together supplies to try out the ideas. I strung up blankets around the living room to create forts. I racked my brain for fun things we could do together when you awoke.

While you were sleeping, my growing little munchkins, I planned out meals for the week. I wrote grocery lists for us to shop for when you woke up. I cut up vegetables and marinated meats for dinner that night, or emptied a frozen bag of already prepared meals into the crockpot. Maybe I called for pizza — I probably called for pizza a lot. When you were itty bitty I would boil, bake and steam various new foods to puree and freeze in little ice cube trays. I’d wash bottles, each and every annoying little piece.

While you were sleeping, my tantrum-throwing wonders of nature, I unwound. Probably lit a candle in the kitchen, put Pandora radio on, maybe even fixed my disheveled hair. I took a couple minutes to breathe and let go of the day’s tension. Maybe I cried, really hard, over all my mistakes and yelling. Then I forgave myself, and probably ate that candy bar that I hid in the desk drawer. I chilled out so I wouldn’t freak out.

While you were sleeping, our blessed little angels, Daddy took me out for a date night. We talked about grown-up things and drank “Big Girl Juice” from breakable glasses. I ate food that wasn’t cut into tiny pieces and blown on. I never got up from the table to get anybody anything. I started and finished a complete sentence, multiple times. Or maybe I stayed home and did something just for me — learned a new fitness routine, made a photo book or wrote some crazy blog article for an awesome local magazine.

Sometimes my little ones, while you were sleeping I’d watch you sleep. Maybe I’d rock your little swaddled self in my arms, just you and me, and I’d watch you dream. Or I’d quietly tiptoe into your room, kneel next to your bed and run my fingers lightly through your hair. I would pray for you, letting my mind wander on the possibilities of what your future might hold.

Every single night before I’d go to bed, I would look in on you both, soak in the peacefulness of your sleeping little forms safe in your beds. Only then could I too fall asleep.

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 3-year-old James and 1-year-old Luke.

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