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What moms really want for Mother’s Day

Skip the flowers and breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, that’s not necessarily what moms really want. Instead, check out these hints from the staff at Chesapeake Family of what they would prefer from their kids and significant other on May 8.


“A full day to myself would be ideal. However, then I would suffer from extreme “mommy guilt” for not spending Mother’s Day with my precious children, and my day would be ruined. Therefore, I’ll take no complaints and no cooking. Maybe also a trip to Quiet Waters, dinner out and a family movie night.”
­— Jen Jeffries, ad sales and mom of four

Heather kids

“As a parent with shared custody, I just hope that I get to see my kids on Mother’s Day. And, since they are ungrateful teenagers, if I don’t get to see them I hope I at least get a phone call.”
— Heather Grant, web director and mother of two

Crickett kid

“My top favorite Mother’s Day gifts have included a family outing to a destination of my choice with no complaining or grumbling and being spoiled with a gift card to treat myself to a massage at a local spa.”
— Crickett Gibbons, content director and mother of one

Claire kids

“I had a great Mother’s Day a few years ago. It entailed a trip to Kinder Farm Park for a picnic. The best part was that I didn’t have to make any decisions. My husband got the kids dressed, packed the picnic, and was the one ‘in charge’ so I could spend a day with my kiddos and have fun. I’m pretty sure he made dinner later that night and let me take a long nap when we got home. It was perfection.”
— Claire Kovacs, office manager and mom of two

Steins Christmas

“I’d love time to go on a bike ride with my husband, a gift certificate for a pedicure, and a yummy take-out dinner at home with the whole family.”
— Betsy Stein, editor and mom of four

Melissa kids

“Brunch at the Chart House.”
— Melissa Tarawali, ad sales and mom of two

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