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What’s Best for Boys: Building learning experiences that build confidence and character

By Christopher Post



Extensive research shows that boys learn best through hands-on experiential learning that appeals to different senses, involves action and movement and produces tangible outcomes. So, how can teachers and parents better engage and empower boys both inside and outside of the classroom?

As headmaster of one of our nation’s oldest all-boys schools, I’ve seen firsthand how embracing boys and their unique strengths can promote better academic performance while supporting their whole growth as persons. At schools like mine, we position boys for success in myriad ways. Every day, our faculty works to:

• Show practical applications. Boys appreciate seeing application of information to their lives. Boys want to know the “whys” behind lessons, not just the “hows.”

• Embrace competition as a learning tool. Boys are innately competitive, and there’s no better way to teach about the values of humility, respect and teamwork. Teaching these valuable life lessons, we can ensure that our boys are ready for the collaboration and connectedness of the 21st century.

• Connect action to empathy. By helping boys adopt a broader view of manhood, expanding the definition of masculinity to one that prioritizes duty and service to others, we can help boys to lead more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

• Create a sense of agency in boys’ lives. Boys must come to see learning and the acquisition of knowledge as the ultimate path to personal empowerment and the best way to ensure they can control and shape their futures.

Honoring how boys think and learn begins with building a community and atmosphere where they can thrive. On Sunday, October 22, the Boys’ Latin community will welcome prospective families to our campus to discover how our lower, middle and upper school teachers partner with parents to raise high-performing, emotionally-engaged young men that are prepared to succeed in a fast-paced, 21st century world. To learn more, visit www.boyslatinmd.com/openhouse.

Christopher Post is Headmaster at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland.

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