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When kids get sick and sidelined in the summer

Summer sicknessesSix summer ailments, from sunburn to plantar warts

By Kristy MacKaben

When winter is finally over, you hope your kids are going to have a healthy summer. But there is a whole host of sicknesses and aliments that tend to strike in the summer months. Take Lily Weygandt for instance. A mysterious fever landed the then 1-year-old from Crownsville in the emergency room last summer.

Lily had been fussy and uncomfortable for a couple of days but a trip to the pediatrician didn’t yield any solutions, says her mother Tara Weygandt. When Lily’s fever spiked above 104 degrees in the middle of the night, Tara decided to take her to the emergency room, where doctors diagnosed Lily with hand, foot and mouth disease. Though the name sounds serious — especially to new parents — it’s actually a common, and very contagious, summer virus.

Just when your kids are getting over the sniffles, sore throats and stomach bugs of winter, warm weather brings a new set of woes. Everything from heat stroke to bug bites and sunburn to painful warts can strike in the summer. Below are six of summer’s most common medical ailments and some tips on how your family can deal with them.


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