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Why some families break the law for raw milk

Raw milkBy Laura Barnhardt Cech

When Liz Reitzig brings home a gallon of milk, the Bowie mother of five is committing a crime.

So is Carol Schenker, a Cape St. Claire mother of one, Bill Schindler, an Eastern Shore father of three, and scores of other families who drink raw milk in Maryland, where selling unpasteurized milk is illegal.

“My family is thriving on fresh milk,” says Reitzig, who has protested the local and federal laws as she crossed state lines to get her dairy.

Why are some local families taking this risk and traveling to other states to buy milk? And why have authorities taken the unusual step of making raw milk illegal, albeit a misdemeanor selectively enforced against suppliers? We’ve consulted with experts on both sides of this divisive product to explain.

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