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Wildlife education trunks now available to Maryland teachers

Bear Trunk
Black bear education trunk
Teachers in Maryland have a new tool available to them for teaching their students about Maryland’s wildlife.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is offering educators wildlife education trunks, which feature unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary lesson plans on white-tailed deer, black bears and the state’s 14 furbearer species.

“Education trunks bring the outside into your classroom,” said Patricia Handy, Wildlife & Heritage Service’s information and education program manager. “These kits are designed to educate students while building on fundamental disciplines like math, art, social studies, science, language arts and physical education.”

Education Trunks are available free of charge to educators in Maryland for a one- to two- week period, depending on availability. Each trunk includes a teacher’s curriculum guide, illustrated books, DVDs and pelts. They also contain a track mold, track replica, scat replica, a skull with jawbone and more.

Incorporated into the teacher’s curriculum guide are activities from Project WILD, an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program, which emphasizes the awareness, appreciation and understanding of wildlife and natural resources. The lesson plans are aligned with the State’s literacy and environmental literacy standards.

Educators interested in borrowing a trunk may call the office location nearest them:
• Western Region, Cumberland: 301-777-2136
• Eastern Region, Salisbury: 410-713-3851
• Central Region, Abingdon: 410-612-1688 or Baltimore: 410-879-2000×1688
• Southern Region, Annapolis: 410-260-8540

More information is available at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website or by contacting Patricia Handy at 410-260-8537 or phandy@dnr.state.md.us.

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