2016 Winning fall photos


Kids love fall with the pumpkin patches to explore, leaves to jump in and especially the costumes to dress up in. We asked our readers to send us photos of their kids enjoying fall for the 2016 Chesapeake Family Fall Photo Contest and we had so many adorable entries.

Aliya and Arielle Thompson, ages 3 and 5, from Odenton got the most votes in the 2016 photo contest. Brayden Rednagle, 5, from Sunderland, was chosen for the October cover. The rest below were just too cute not to show off. Thanks to all those who entered. And special thank you to our photo contest sponsor, Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics. 

OCT CF 2016 cover Brayden Rednagle, 5, of Sunderland, was chosen for the October cover in Chesapeake Family’s 2016 Fall Photo Contest. His mother says they went outdoors for a photo, and he had a “great Idea” to jump up and down and throw leaves in the air!
Aliyah, 3, and Arielle Thompson, 5, of Odenton, received the most votest in the contest. Here they are acting sassy and fun. Fall photo Aliyah Arielle w
Fall Photo Oz w Wyatt, 2, and Jillian Morser, 4, of Annapolis; their parents, Randy Morser and Becky Webb-Morser; and grandmothers, Pam Web and June Arnes.
 Stella, 3, and Donovan Bocianoski, 4, of Hughesville, have a special bond as brother and sister that will last a lifetime.  Fall Photo Donovan Stella W
Fall photo Jack w  Jack Hayward, 3, of Edgewater, loves horses and cowboys. He “Yee-Haw’d” at every trick-or-treat stop and refused to take his cowboy boots off for months.
 Chase Collier, 3, of Odenton, loved this costume, and this photo really expresses how much fun he had wearing it. If he could dress up everyday, he would!  Fall photo Chase w
Fall Photo Addison Dylan Naveena w  Addison Wynkoop, 5, Dylan, 5, and Noreena O’Hara, 6, of Baltimore, love Summers Farm in Frederick.
 Kamora Gutierrez, 7, of Baltimore, spends her falls outdoors with her puppy, her best friend. Fall Photo Kamora w 
Fall Photo Jacob2 w   Jacob Sokolis, 7, of Pasadena.
 Jeremy Spriggs, 4, of Churchton, is all about having fun. He is the life of the party and a natural leader.  Fall photo Jeremy w
Fall Photo Kendyl Don w   Kendyl, 7, and Don Martz, 3, of Pasadena get so excited about fall, especially October.
Samuel Harnetiaux, 4, of Annapolis, loves living here after three years overseas where the weather was too hot or the air too dirty to be outside for extended periods of time. Moving to Annapolis was like a fairytale. Fall photo Samuel w