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Write it Out—Journaling for Kids

Writing in a journal can help kids calm thoughts and understand their emotions.

by Jillian Amodio

Journaling is an effective tool for kids and adults to work through their thoughts, feelings and concerns. 

As parents we all know that communication is key. Keeping open lines of communication with our children is something we all strive for. But getting our children to openly express and identify their emotions can be easier said than done. 

Everyone can benefit from having an emotional outlet, or a place to release their innermost thoughts. Even for adults it’s difficult to express out loud the emotions we have. For many people, that changes once we put a pen to paper.

Decluttering a Child’s Mind

A child’s brain can be a busy place. Journaling can help corral these thoughts and put them into a more organized format for easier exploration which can help regain a sense of control. 

Journaling can also be an effective means of communication between child and caregiver. Kids and their grownups can write back and forth in a journal to help understand how the other is feeling.

Writing can also enhance creativity and hone in on critical thinking skills. In an era so focused on tech and keeping things digital, sometimes a good old fashioned pen and paper is just the thing we need to reconnect with ourselves. It can also be a great way to keep track of tasks and set goals or monitor progress. 

Choosing a Journal

The selection of journals available is as unique and versatile as the individuals who use them. When choosing a journal for a child or encouraging them to choose one for themselves, strive to find a journal that matches the personality or interests of the one who will be using it. 

When choosing a journal, the first choice is whether you want a blank space to fill of your own volition, or if you’d rather have guides and prompts. Blank page journals come in various sizes, styles, themes and colors. When choosing a blank page journal it comes down to picking one that just feels right.

As far as guided journaling, there are varieties for all interests including art, nature, gratitude, goal setting, empowerment, devotional, and creative thinking. 

Add Something Fun to Write With

In addition to the journal itself, the writing utensils can be just as important—especially for kids. Does the user prefer pen, pencil, gel ink, bright colors, or basic ink? 

Try These Journals 

Creative Writing journal Spark your kid’s creative side with Drip, Drop and Drizzle, written by local educator Mary Ostrowski.

Wreck this Journal is an interactive journal offering an artistic and interactive approach to journaling.

Nature journals offer opportunities to explore the natural world. 

Science journal with writing, drawing, and creative think prompts that are science focused. 

Gratitude journal offering ways for kids to reflect on the good things in life. 

Parent Child journals offer opportunities for child and caregiver to connect. 

Locked journals provide a private place for self reflection.  

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