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Citizen Science

Citizen science volunteers are often essential participants in monitoring and collecting data. They are also observers for many of the different habitats and species that scientists are studying. Participation in scientific studies allows volunteers to become involved in the data collecting process. Plus volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about ongoing scientific studies and the long term impacts revealed in the studies being done.

Would you like to participate?

Liana Vitali, is the Stewardship and Citizen Science Coordinator at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. Jug Bay currently has nine active programs that study turtles, butterflies, birds, forests, and vernal pools. Vitali discusses what a citizen scientist does and how their contributions help in the decision-making process. Maryland is already seeing the effects of climate change and an increasing population. Citizen scientists help provide the data needed to monitor changes across the environment. There are also times when volunteers help save some of the more vulnerable critters.

If monitoring the progress of turtles, checking on Bluebird nests or counting waterfowl sound fun, or interesting to you, becoming a Citizen scientist could be in your future.

Citizen Science Opportunities

Other groups looking for volunteers include the Severn River Association (SRA) and their “floating classroom.” Students get a chance to learn about conditions in the water as they use water quality monitoring equipment to check on oxygen levels, pH, temperature, salinity and clarity.

Jug Bay Citizen Science Opportunities

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Citizen Science

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